Audition Information


NEW YORK CITY:  February 26 - March 1.  See details below.

SOUTH EAST THEATRE CONFERENCE: in Mobile, AL  March 8-10.  See more information on their website by clicking HERE.


Ripley Grier Studios:   520 Eighth Avenue at 36th Street - Main Entrance on the 16th Floor

Monday, February 26;   Audition Room: Studio 17B - Sign In/Waiting Room: Studio 17A

9:00 - 5:00 - OPEN CALL – Non-Equity WOMEN - ACTRESSES AND SINGERS who move well. Seeing monologues and/or 16 bars of your best.  Pianist provided.  These auditions are for mainstage roles and/or internships.

Casting all roles in plays and musicals, including Natasha in Rough Crossing; Katherine, Medda in Newsies; Stephanie, Annette, Pauline, Candy, Flo, etc in Saturday Night Fever; Stage Manager, Emily, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Gibbs, character roles in Our Town; Mary, Jo, Liz in Women…; and Katherine in Rat Pack Lounge.

Tuesday, February 27;  Audition Room: Studio 17B - Sign In/Waiting Room: Studio 17A

9:00 - 5:00 - OPEN CALL – Non Equity MEN -  ACTORS and SINGERS who move well.  Seeing monologues and/or 16 bars of your best.  Pianist provided. These auditions are for mainstage roles and/or internships.

Casting all roles in plays and musicals, including all roles in Rough Crossing; Tony, The Faces, Monty, Frank, Frank Jr., in Saturday Night Fever; Jack, Davey, Crutchie, Pulitzer, Character roles in Newsies; Stage Manager, George, Doc Gibbs, Mr. Webb, character roles in Our Town; Jackson, Trenner in Women...; Frank, Sammy, Dean, Vic in Rat Pack Lounge.

Wednesday, February 28;  Audition Room: Studio 17D - Sign In/Waiting Room: Studio 17A

9:00 - 1:00 OPEN CALL AND APPOINTMENTS for our Summer Performing Internship ProgramNon Equity MEN ONLY Singers Who Dance/Move Well.  Please visit our Performing Intern Company Information Page to learn more about this company.  Salary is $150.00 per week, college credit available, housing and travel stipend provided.  All interns must sing, dance and will be cast in Saturday Night Fever, Newsies, Our Town, and our children's show Dorothy Meets Alice.  Must be available May 21 - August 11.

The remaining time slots are reserved for MEN ONLY interested in our internships.  Women who have not received an audition time slot but are interested in internships should attend the open call on Monday.

Serious inquiries only. Please prepare two 16 bar cuts, uptempo and ballad (be prepared to sing more if asked) and a brief monologue.

To obtain an appointment for the 9:00 - 1:00 singer's call, please email  with "NYC Performing Intern Audition" in the subject line, and state in the email your name, phone number and attached a headshot and resume.  You will receive a return email with a scheduled appointment time.  There is no further application at this time.  Note that you will still need to bring a physical copy of your headshot and resume to the audition, please.

PLEASE NOTE:  A dance call back for the Performing Intern Company will be held that afternoon.

Performing Interns are considered for Leading and Ensemble roles in Saturday Night Fever (including Tony, Stephanie, Bobby, Annette, Pauline, The Faces, Linda, Frank Jr. and others); Newsies (including Jack, Katherine, Davey, Crutchie, the Newsies), Our Town (George, Emily, Simon, Sam, Joe, others) and Women in Jeopardy (Amanda and Trenner).

Thursday, March 1; Audition Room: Studio 17D - Sign In/Waiting Room: Studio 17A

OPEN DANCE CALL for Saturday Night Fever and Newsies

9:00 – 12:30: Female Dancers who Act/Sing

1:00 – 5:00:  Male Dancers who Act/Sing

Callbacks will be held Friday and Saturday.

AUDITION F.A.Q.s (for mainstage roles AND internships):

What should I prepare for an audition?  To be considered for our musicals, please prepare 16 bars of two songs (you must provide your own sheet music, clearly marked with cuts).  We may ask for just one, we may ask for both, and we may ask for more of the same song or a different song!  Please be sure to bring your full book of music. 

To be considered for a non-musical play, please prepare a brief (1-2 minute) COMEDIC monologue. 

"I am not able to attend your auditions in person.  Do you accept video auditions?"  Sorry, but we do NOT accept video submissions as the only audition.  We prefer to see people in person first.  However, we may ask that you video a callback with material we would supply (other than dance callbacks, which must be done in person).

When will we be notified of a callback?  While many callback notifications are given the day of auditions, we also may need a few days to put our heads together.  If we need to see more, we will contact you usually within a week of the audition, either by phone or email.

When is casting complete? When can we expect to be notified of a job offer? Our auditions continue at various locations thru mid-March.  We may begin making offers early on, but casting will continue until all auditions are complete...and later!  Typically, we are done with most of our casting by mid to late April.  We typically see over 2,000 people at our auditions, so it is impossible to contact everyone as to whether they have been cast or not.  We only contact people we are interested in hiring, but we encourage everyone to audition in the future - it might just not have been your year!  (Also, we almost never cast without a callback first so that's something to keep in mind.)

If offered a job, is housing provided?  Yes, if you are not a local actor, we do provide housing.

Do you pay your actors?  We are a professional company and as such, we do pay all our actors. There are different pay ranges, depending on if you are in our Intern, Student or Jobbed In Companies.  Please see the Performing Intern page on this website for more info about that company.  Our Student Company is for actors who are still pursuing their studies in colleges or universities.  The Jobbed In Company are actors who have graduated college.

Do you consider everyone who auditions for all the shows or just one?   All roles in all shows are open at the time of auditions.  Bring your A Game, shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, and let us figure out where you fit best in our season!  Our audition form will allow you to tell us of any conflict dates you may have with our season.

Are there Equity Contract available?  We are on a Guest Artist Tier III contract with Equity, so there may be one or two Equity contracts available for the summer.  These are typically held for leading roles and/or for more mature/character actor roles.

Do you give Equity points?  No, sorry - because we are on a Guest Artist contract, we are not allowed to give points.  However, if pre-arranged with your learning institution, we can give college credit for your work with us.

Below is a list of our 2018 shows and character descriptions.

ROUGH CROSSING: by Tom Stoppard.  A comedy/farce with music.  While not a musical per se, there are songs in the show that are sung "in rehearsal".  Turai, Gal, Adam and Dvornichek should be able to sing somewhat, while Natasha and Ivor, as they are actors, should sing well.

TURAI (30’s-40’s): male, an excitable playwright and collaborator with Gal;

GAL: (30’s-40’s) male, another excitable playwright and collaborator with Turai; 

ADAM: (20’s) male, a young composer with an unusual speech impediment, in love with Natasha; 

NATASHA (30’s): female, a beautiful actress with an indeterminate European accent;

IVOR (40’s): male, an aging leading man actor; 

DVORNICHEK (20’s-30’s): male, a comical cabin steward. 


SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: North American version by Sean Cercone and David Abbinanti, Music by the Bee Gees and others.

TONY MANERO: (plays 19) tenor to A; Extremely handsome, charismatic Brooklyn Italian. (John Travolta) Ringleader of his gang, The Faces. Tough guy exterior with vulnerability underneath – a “thinker”, not a “talker”.  He comes alive whenever he dances.  Extremely strong actor, singer and dancer.  Brooklyn accent.

STEPHANIE MANGANO (plays 20’s) – principal/mezzo with belt to D; Puts on airs to hide her Brooklyn upbringing, but every now and then a bit of the old neighborhood comes out.  She may be pretentious and lacks tact at times, but she is still genuinely likeable.  Killer pop singer, very strong actress and dancer, Brooklyn accent.

ANNETTE (plays 19) mezzo with belt to Eb;  Overeager to please, a “puppy-dog” with an insecure edge.  Is incredibly hurt that Tony does not have feelings for her.  Strong actor/singer and dancer, Brooklyn accent.

BOBBY (plays 19): principal/tenor to Ab, One of The Faces. Awkward, needy and insecure, but sincere and genuine. Show-stopping pop voice, Strong mover, Brooklyn accent.

PAULINE (plays 19)  Sweet and optimistic ex-girlfriend of Bobby.  She is hurt by Bobby’s behavior, but there’s a larger issue that’s concerning her.  Strong singer, G3-E5  Brooklyn accent.

MONTY: (20’s) bari-tenor to G with strong falsetto; The MC, DJ and gatekeeper of the disco “2001”.  Good-looking and charismatic with a big personality.  After Tony, the coolest person in town.  Strong singer who can move.

CANDY (20’s) range: C4-G5, The resident singer of the disco “2001”.  Sexy and confident, beloved by everybody.  Killer singer/belter.

GUS: (plays 19) One of the Faces.  A follower. Not afraid to lie to cover his own ass.  Strong singer who can move, Brooklyn accent.

DOUBLE-J: (plays 19) One of the Faces.  A charming and funny jokester and a real bruiser.  Physically the toughest of the gang.  Strong singer/actor with great comedic timing, who can move, Brooklyn accent.

JOEY: (plays 19) One of the Faces. A real “wise-guy” with possible connections.  Strong singer/actor who can move, Brooklyn accent.

FRANK MANERO: (40’s-50’s) Tony’s father.  An out of work construction worker who feels like the world has turned its back on him.  Brooklyn accent.

FLO MANERO: (40’s-50’s) lead/mezzo, Tony’s mother.  A devout Catholic, she cares deeply for her family, and especially idolizes her son, Frank Jr.  Brooklyn accent.

FRANK Jr. (20’s) – principal/tenor to Ab, Tony’s brother who has left the priesthood.  Humble and full of good advice.  A strong actor with a Brooklyn accent.

LINDA MANERO (plays 15-16) – Tony’s little sister.  Sunny and spunky.  Brooklyn accent.

ENSEMBLE: (most in their 20’s) Strong dancer/singers. Dance contestants, soloists, Mr. Fusco, etc.


NEWSIES: book by Harvey Fierstein, music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman

JACK KELLY: (19-25) Handsome, passionate and charismatic leader of the Newsies. A street-smart kid with a dark artistic soul right beneath the bluster. Not a blowhard. This kid's the real thing. Must have a great pop tenor voice. Bb3-A5

DAVEY: (19-25) A thinker. Raised in a home as opposed to the other Newsies, Davey is the book-smart counterpoint to the other boys. The voice of reason. A nice Jewish boy. Must have a great contemporary tenor voice. D3-A5.

CRUTCHIE: (19-25) A slight, sickly boy with a huge heart; he walks with the aid of a crutch due to a bad leg, but that doesn't hold him back from being right in the middle of any mischief. A real charmer, A3-A5.

JOSEPH PULITZER (40’s-50’s) The boisterous forefather of Wm. F. Buckley Jr., Glenn Beck, and Rupert Murdoch; an on-point, know-it-all politician; impolite and impatient with the world. Must sing well, C3-G4.

KATHERINE PLUMBER: (19-25). The strong-willed daughter of Pulitzer; this young lady drips smarts, opinions, and confidence; a young Katherine Hepburn or Ellen Page; this damsel needs no prince to save her. Must have a great pop/contemporary musical theater voice with a high belt, A4-F5.

MEDDA: (40s–60s), A vaudeville star of the Bowery variety; risqué, tough, with a big voice and great comic delivery, F3-E5.

THE NEWSIES – including, Race, Albert, Specs, Henry, etc.: ages 18-32, any ethnicity, must dance extremely well, tumbling a plus, Bb3-C#5.

MALE ENSEMBLE: Plays 30’s – 50’s, must sing and act well, be able to play multiple roles.


OUR TOWN: by Thornton Wilder

STAGE MANAGER: male or female, any age: appealing, steady, even-handed, benevolent host of the play and the dramatic equivalent of an omniscient narrator. Exercises control over the action of the play, cueing the other characters, interrupting their scenes with their own interjections, and informing the audience of events and objects that we cannot see. Occasionally assumes other roles, such as an old woman, a druggist, and a minister. Interacting with both the world of the audience and the world of the play’s characters, s/he occupies a god-like position of authority.

GEORGE GIBBS: (16-28) Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’s son. All-American boy, sincere, agreeable, polite, respectful, decent, and upstanding young man, but not very good at book and school learning. A loving person - but not very good at expressing those emotions - and perfectly happy to stay on the farm.

EMILY WEBB: (16-28) Mr. and Mrs. Webb’s daughter, George’s neighbor, love interest, fiancée and then wife. Bright, articulate, conscientious and vivacious person who shares some of her mother’s anxious nature.

DOC GIBBS: (45-60) George’s father and the town doctor. Loving father, kind husband, content, server, well liked, knowledgeable, mindful. Civil War expert, knows just about everything about everybody in town.

MRS. GIBBS: (45-60) enduring, justly and appropriate, calm, appreciative and caring mother to her children and wife to Dr. Gibbs. Although content in Grover’s Corner she still desires to see Paris. Suggests the importance of seizing the opportunities life presents, rather than waiting for things to happen.

MR. WEBB: (45-60) Emily’s loving father and a caring husband, the publisher and editor of the local paper, the Grover’s Corners Sentinel. Good sense of humor. Kindly, demonstrative and sympathetic. Reports to the audience in Act I which is both informative and interactive. Has a well-informed interest in Napoleon.

MRS. WEBB: (45-60) Emily’s mother and Mr. Webb’s wife. No nonsense kind of person - innocent, caring, a little coarse-around-the-edges, somewhat anxious, hardworking and tolerant.

ENSEMBLE: Various ages and roles include Mrs. Soames, Simon Stimson, Howie Newsome, Professor Willard, etc.


WOMEN IN JEOPARDY!:  a modern comedy by Wendy MacLeod

MARY: (40’s) divorced, a librarian, “still” pretty, motherly.

JO: (40’s) divorced, Mary’s best friend, a publicist, sardonic

LIZ (40’s) divorced, Mary’s other best friend, a Director of Admissions, a bit man-crazy, a bit of a drama queen

AMANDA (19): Liz’s daughter, an exceptionally pretty college student whose SATs were in the single digits.

TRENNER (19) male, a snowboarder, sweet but not too bright, anxious to be found manly.

JACKSON (late 30’s-40’s) a dentist, Liz’s new boyfriend, creepy, given to strand pronouncements about death and disease.  Actor also plays SGT. KIRK SPONSULLAR: a police sergeant, a John Wayne type, courtly, a man of few or entirely obfuscated words.

THE RAT PACK LOUNGE:  written by James Hindman and Ray Roderick, Musical Arrangements by John Glaudini

VIC CANDELINO (late 20’s – 40’s) Vocal Range – G2 to G4.  Down on his luck, depressed owner of The Rat Pack Lounge. His life is changed when he is visited from above by the Rat Pack, who help him find his own voice. Sings a mix of songs recorded by all the Rat Pack members, including My Way, Come Fly With Me, others.

BOBBY GOLDBERG / SAMMY DAVIS JR.  (late 20’s- 40’s) Bobby is the life long friend of Vic, and janitor of the Rat Pack Lounge.  Sammy Davis Jr. “takes over” his body to help Vic get a handle on his life.  Strong actor/singer who does an excellent impersonation of (but does not need to look like) Sammy Davis Jr.  Sings What Kind of Fool Am I, Bye Bye Blackbird, and other Davis hits.

WILLIAM SAUNDERS / FRANK SINATRA. (30’s – 40’s) William is a Texas Real Estate Tycoon who is drunk at the bar, when he is “taken over” by the ghost of Frank Sinatra. Strong impersonator (but does not need to look like) Frank Sinatra. Sings One For My Baby, You Make Me Feel So Young, and other Sinatra hits.

JEORGE RODRIGUES / DEAN MARTIN (20’s – 40’s) Jeorge is the limo driver of William Saunders, when he is “taken over” by the ghost of Dean Martin.  Strong impersonator (but does not need to look like) Dean Martin.  Sings Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime, That’s Amore and other Martin hits.

KATHERINE KERR / ANGIE (20’s – 30’s) Katherine is the overly efficient, sexy-behind-glasses secretary of William Saunders, when she is “taken over” by Angie, an angel – who may or may not bear a striking resemblance to Angie Dickinson.  Strong singer/mover.  Sings Too Close For Comfort, I Love Being Here With You, others.

Technical Job Opportunities
Thank you for your interest in Cortland Rep's Technical Positions for our 2018 Summer Season.  
We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
Production Stage Manager / Co-Company Manager
Scene Shop intern
Props Artisan
Stitcher / Costume Shop Supervisor
Master Electrician
Full descriptions and job postings can be found on
Please send cover letter, resume and three references to  Include the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.  No Phone Calls, Please.

Scenic and Properties Construction Shop at CRT Downtown.

Technical Internships

2018 Technical Intern Program

Cortland Rep has four technical interns in our summer program.  In each department, knowledge of the basic skills is helpful, which our staff will work with the interns to refine over the course of creating 6 mainstage productions and one children's show.  Interns will learn the balance of working in a very quick paced environment while creating high quality and detailed theatrical elements.

At this time, we are only accepting applications for the Scene Shop Internship.  The other internships have been filled for our 2018 Summer Season.

  • Properties Intern:  This intern has the opportunity to work with a professional Props Designer and Artisan. He/She will work learn many “tricks of the trade” from our staff, assisting in the building / borrowing / pulling-from-stock all props and set decoration - from large furniture pieces and soft goods, to smaller hand props, edibles, paper goods and everything in between.  It is helpful to have basic working knowledge of upholstery, foam carving, scenic painting, machine and hand sewing, Powerpoint and other computer photo programs...and have a great creative instinct!
  • Scenic Shop Intern:  This intern will work with our professional Technical Director and Scenic Designers, as well as Assistant TD and two Carpenters. He/She will work building and installing all the sets for all productions. In this quick paced environment, this intern will learn how to build scenic elements that are sturdy, strong and safe, but are also quick to install and strike.  A solid working knowledge of all typical power tools is helpful; basic knowledge of scenic painting is a plus.
  • Assistant Stage Manager/Assistant Company Manager: The ASM/ACM will act as the Stage Manager for our children’s show, and as ASM on all mainstage shows, attending rehearsals and working backstage. He/She will be in charge of the backstage running crew, which will consist of actors in the show and possible local assistants.  This is perhaps the busiest job of the summer, but the only staff member who works directly with all show directors, designers and crew.  Key traits are organization, strong people skills, problem-solving abilities and a tireless love of the theatrical process.
  • Costume Shop Intern: This intern has the opportunity to work with our professional Costume Designers and Supervisors, taking part in the build of all the costumes for our entire season.  Our shop builds from scratch, pulls from our considerable stock and borrows from local community members.  A good working knowledge of hand and machine sewing, patterning and fabric dying is helpful.  There are some long hours ahead, but the time spent is reflected in the quality costumes seen up close in our intimate, 250 seat theatre.

Per diem pay is $150.00 per week.  Housing is provided. To be considered for a technical internship, please e-mail a cover letter, resume and at least three references with phone numbers and email addresses to Eric Behnke, Production Manager,  Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line.   There is no formal application to complete. No phone calls, please.  If we are interested in speaking with you further about an internship, we will contact you to arrange a phone interview (or in person, if you are in the Central New York or New York City area). No phone calls, please. Please see more information about the theatre and our intern programs on the information page for our Performing Intern Program.   CRT's Intern Programs are supported, in part, by The Triad Foundation and The Tiger Baron Foundation

Performing Intern Program

Performing Internships

Above left:   2007 CRT Performing Intern Ephie Aardema (in striped shirt, seen here in our children's show Treasure Island) made her Broadway debut in The Bridges of Madison County.
Above center: 2012 Performing Intern Parker Slaybaugh (seen here as Mr. Mistopholes in CRT's production of Cats) made his Broadway debut in Roundabout Theatre's production of Holiday Inn.
Above right: 2008 Performing Intern Myles McHale (seen here backstage at CRT's children's show Wiley and the Hairy Man) makes his Broadway debut in Mean Girls
Other former CRT interns are working or have worked on Broadway and national tours such as On Your Feet, Kinky Boots, Bullets Over Broadway, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Flashdance, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story and others.
Our mainstage alumni are working or have worked in Hamilton, Anastasia, Mean Girls, Beautiful: the Music of Carole King, Mary Poppins, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder and Motown: The Musical among others.
CRT's Intern Programs are supported, in part, by The Triad Foundation and The Marsted Foundation

Below please find information about Cortland Rep's Performing Intern Program. If you are interested in becoming a Performing Intern at CRT, we MUST see you audition in person. Please check the Audition section above for updates on dates and places.  (There will be a form to fill out at the auditions upon which you can state your interest in our intern program - there are no additional applications beforehand.) Again - There is no written application for our internships, but we do require you to audition in person. Websites, YouTube clips or DVD auditions are useful to add after your initial audition, or to serve as a reminder to us of your abilities; however, we rarely (meaning, never!) hire anyone without seeing them audition first in person.  Our intern program offers significant performance experience, and we look for strong performers who can handle a busy, tiring schedule.  We audition our interns just as specifically as we do our mainstage professional actors. We are looking for not only good performers, but hard workers and people who are dedicated to the "quality of the end result." Have no doubt – you will work hard, you will learn a lot, and when you finish your stay with us, you will have built a strong resume and have a better understanding of how a professional theatre works.  

Questions and Answers

How many interns will there be?

We are hiring 9 Performing Interns for the 2018 summer. We also hire  Technical Interns in the Scenic, Costume, Properties and Stage Management Departments. See more information about the Technical Interns in the section above.


Interns are offered a weekly stipend of $150.00.  We also reimburse your travel to get to Cortland at the beginning of the summer, up to $100.00 (with the presentation of travel receipts).


Housing is provided, and will be in off-campus apartments connected to the State University of New York - Cortland campus.  Almost all the actors in the mainstage company are housed in the same building, with the technical crew housed just a short distance away. All the bedrooms are single rooms, but you will share the apartment (kitchen, bathroom and living space) with 2 other members of the intern company. Laundry facilities (coin operated) are located in the basement. Housing is about an 8 minute walk to downtown Cortland, our downtown offices and our rehearsal site. However, a car is GREATLY useful because the grocery store is about a 5 minute drive and the theatre itself is about a 20 minute drive. (Transportation will be arranged if you do not have access to a car).   Because this is college housing, we will move out mid-August, to be relocated to private homes of our Guild and Board members.  They have been doing this for years and are very welcoming.

What are the dates of an internship?

You must be able to arrive no later than May 21, 2018. Rehearsals begin on May 22. Our season runs until September 8; however most intern contracts will end before that (most around August 11) so that you can return to school.  We are somewhat flexible with the contract ending date, as long as it does not conflict with performance dates.

Can I get Equity points?

CRT operates under a Guest Artist contract with Actors’ Equity Association and so, by Equity ruling, unfortunately can not offer points towards an Equity card.

Can I get college credit?

Assuming your college will allow this, we are happy to work with you and your department to arrange college credits for your internship with CRT.

What is entailed in a CRT performance internship?

CRT's Performing Internship is primarily focused on performing.  All the performing interns will be in at least two mainstage shows (our two large-cast musicals) and our children’s show. In true summer stock fashion, these will happen at the same time, which means you may be rehearsing a show during the day and performing a different show at night. 

Where possible and appropriate, our interns are considered for leading roles as well as ensemble parts.  Over the years, some of CRT's past interns have played such roles as Paul, Mark, Val, Maggie and Larry in A Chorus Line, Baby John, Chino, Graziella and Velma in West Side Story,  Cosette and Marius in Les Miserables,  Munkestrap, Jennyanydots and Mr. Mistoffelees in Cats, and Frenchie, Jan, Patti, Doody, Sonny, and Eugene in Grease. Others have had featured ensemble roles in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, 1776, The Addams Family, Chicago, and  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

In 2018, principal and ensemble intern roles are available in Saturday Night Fever, Newsies, Our Town, and Women in Jeopardy!. Also, our interns comprise the cast of this year's children's show Dorothy Meets Alice.

What other duties are there?  Is there tech work involved?

The entire company - mainstage actors and interns alike - assist with strikes and change-overs.  These happen directly following the last performance of the run of the show, typically about 9:30 PM to midnight. Then we have a dinner provided by our Theatre Guild, after which you are free to go.  Also, the intern company is responsible for the set-up and take-down of the set and costumes for each children's show performance.  Occasionally, you may be asked to work backstage as running crew or as a dresser during the run of a show that you are not performing in.  However those duties will be arranged so as not to conflict with your rehearsal schedule.  But - that's it!  There are no shop hours or cleaning the bathrooms duties...!

We also request that all interns participate in our weekly Friday Night Talk-Backs with our audience, any publicity events or interviews, or other such duties as assigned (including the occasional Instagram Take Over!)

Days Off?

There is one day off a week, which varies depending on the show schedule of that week.

Comp tickets?

You get two comp tickets for each show in which you are performing.

Are there workshops?

Due to the very busy rehearsal and performance schedule, workshops are tricky to fit in.  However, many of our directors and choreographers are happy to hold audition, acting or dance classes when possible. If arranged, these workshops will be at times so as not to conflict with rehearsals or performances.

Can I bring my pet?

No sorry, absolutely no pets are allowed.

Thanks again for your interest! If you have any other questions, drop us an email. Please do not call. Good luck!