CRT Theatre Guild


Do you enjoy:

Attending live theatre? Making new friends? Supporting your community? Being part of a team? Sharing that wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you're involved in something GREAT?! If you answered YES to these questions, this is your chance to do ALL of them!

Join the Cortland Repertory Theater Guild!

Each year, our Guild commits to raising $24,000 for Cortland's "Gem of a Theatre" to help pay general operating expenses and for specific projects. As a "thank you" for all their hard work, Guild members are the first to see each Cortland Rep show on PREVIEW NIGHTS for FREE!

Just some of the ways the Guild supports the theatre include:

  • Selling refreshments at both summer and winter productions:
  • Serving refreshments at our Fall Fiber Festival, as well as assisting vendors and attendees;
  • Hosting our annual Murder Mystery Dinner at CRT Downtown in March;
  • Helping "open" the Little York Pavilion theatre in the spring - vacuum, clean and freshen the theatre from the winter, etc.;
  • Helping "winterize" the theatre in the fall - cover seats, pack up lighting instruments, etc;
  • Hosting our Welcome Picnic in May - a dish-to-pass picnic to meet and greet the summer actors, technical crew and interns;
  • Providing "Strike Suppers" - make dinners for summer crew members on the final night of each play when they work overnight, "striking" (packing up) the previous show and loading in the new one;
  • Helping publicize the CRT productions by distributing posters and flyers for all theatre related events;
  • Soliciting ads for the playbill;
  • Always having a welcoming smile and friendly word to our crew, visitors and supporters!

The CRT Guild meets on the third Tuesday evening of every month.  For information on joining, please call our Administration Office at 607-753-6161.


Theatre Guild - as of September, 2017

Dianne Galutz, President
Starr Lacey, Vice President/ Reporting Treasurer
Janet Redfield, Secretary
Sue Crane, Historian

Kimberly Allen

Pat Almeida

Joanne Andersen

Melissa Archer

Charlotte Batzer

John & Ellen Berry

Amy Bertini

Janet Brown

Jackie Burke

Kay Burns

Jack Carr

Frank Cerbo

Judi Chamberlin

Zenny Choy

Julie Christian

Lisa Christian

Joanne Cincotta

Vivian Colongeli

Gloria Crane

Tom Crane

Anne Crupi

Gary & Arlene Dean

Jan Dempsey

Jerry Doolittle

Patty Ellis

Hank Faber

Linda Falter

Ingrid Fox

Ray & Donna Franco

Gina Freeland

Patricia Freeland

Linda Fuller

Stephen Funk

Maureen Gibbons

Shawn Gilbert

Irene Gleason

Rick & Fran Gysel

Judy Haese

Susan Harris

Cindy Hedman

Cheryl Hicks

Virginia Higgins

Christine Hodges

Valerie Holcomb

Martha Howlett

Donna L. Johnson Brown

Rebecca Jones

Bonnie Kanellis

Rona Knobel

Peter & Lilli Krauklis

JoAnn Larney-Van Wicklen

Carole Lathrop

Nicole Laundry

Cathy McCulskey

Gayle MacHenry

Julie Marion

Maureen McDermott-Mulherin

Dolores Mike

Marie Monastra

John & Cathy O'Neill Spallone

Jenelle Pedersen

Kelley Pendell

Sally Perkins

Al & Laurie Pickerd

Jody Prezioso

Susan Prier

Tim & Peggy Riley

Nancy Salsbury

Fred & Helen Seyfried

Michael & Dotty Sills

Debbie Sinsabaugh

Peg Stamp

Delores Taylor

Carol Thomas

Sue Turner

Sue Wimer

Darlene Winter

Linda Wouters

Alison Younes

Sharon Zeches