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The purpose of Cortland Repertory Theatre is to offer Central New York residents and visitors of all ages an opportunity to experience, at an accessible price, the range and scope of excellent professional theatre.

CRT serves the region by providing a long term commitment to cultural enrichment and by endowing its community with a sense of pride and ownership.



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At this time, our 2016 audition circuit has been completed.  We will post if we are going to hold additional NYC auditions.



  • We are casting our entire summer season.  Character descriptions for all roles in all shows can be found by scrolling down this page.
  • In order to be considered for any roles or performing internships in our season, one MUST audition in person at one of the locations listed below. DVDs/YouTube clips/Websites may be used for callback purposes, but auditionees must be seen in person first to be considered.
  • Primarily seeking non-union actors. All roles in all shows open.  Seeking a variety of types and ages, all nationalities. Cortland Repertory Theatre is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Please bring a current, non-returnable photo and resume, with phone number and email address.
  • Sorry, there are no roles in our season for children or teenagers under the age of 18.
  • FOR THE PLAYS: Please prepare one 1 - 2 minute comedic monologue. British dialect required for “Cards on the Table”. 
  • FOR THE MUSICALS: Please bring your own sheet music.  Pianist will be provided. Prepare 16 measures of an uptempo and ballad in an appropriate style of the shows.  Be prepared to sing more if asked.
  • FOR "West Side Story" and "A Chorus Line": Most roles require significant dancing.  There will be dance calls at all locations and to be considered for these shows, auditionees must be prepared to dance.  Be aware that most actors will be double cast in both shows.
  • Auditionees may also be asked to do cold readings and/or sing from a specific show at callbacks.
  • Due to the number of audition locations, we rarely arrange private auditions.
  • PERFORMING INTERNSHIPS:  Please see our peforming intern page HERE for more information.  There are NO additional applications for the internships; those interested should just audition along with everyone else (we have a form at the audition where you can state that you're interested in an internship).



Ken Ludwig’s A FOX ON THE FAIRWAY: An American farce.

HENRY BINGHAM (40s): Director of the Quail Valley Country Club. Witty, cynical, competitive. An American version of Basil in “Fawlty Towers”. Unhappily married to Muriel; involved with Pamela.

PAMELA PEABODY (30s):Country Club member. Very attractive, sophisticated, slightly ditsy, a bit of a drinker.

JUSTIN HICKS (mid 20s): Bingham’s new eager-to-please assistant.  In love with Louise and becomes distraught when things become difficult between them.

LOUISE HEINDBEDDER (early 20s): A waitress at the Country Club. Very attractive, a bit flighty, but studious. In love with Justin, but a mishap results in her crying at the drop of a hat.

DICKIE BELL (40s): The director of the rival Country Club. A fashion victim, obnoxious, but tries to be good-natured. He is Pamela’s ex and has a thing for Muriel.

MURIEL BINGHAM (40s): Bingham’s wife. Overbearing, stern, but has a soft spot for Dickie.


WEST SIDE STORY: book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.  All Jets and Sharks are teenagers.  All are strong actors/dancers/singers.

The Jets – Men  

TONY: Tenor/high baritone, good mover.  Handsome, older teen-ager who has outgrown the Jets.

RIFF: Tenor. Driving, intelligent, slightly wacky leader of the Jets.

ACTION: Baritone. Most aggressive member of the Jets, a cat-like ball of fury.

DIESEL: Baritone. Lieutenant to Riff, big, tall, slow, steady.

BABY JOHN: Baritone. Youngest member of the Jets, vulnerable, awedat everything, tries to act like a big man.

A-RAB: Baritone. Small of stature, enjoys everything, takes nothing seriously, can be explosive.

SNOWBOY: Baritone, bespectacled, self-styled expert.

The Jets - Women

ANYBODYS: Scrawny, dressed to imitate the Jets, wants desperately to be taken seriously.

VELMA: Riff’s girlfriend, slithery, sexy.

GRAZIELLA: Diesel’s girlfriend, impressed with herself.

The Sharks - Men

BERNARDO: Baritone. Very strong dancer. Handsome, sexual, proud leader of the Sharks

CHINO: Baritone. Shy, gentle, sweet-faced young boy, the intended husband of Maria

PEPE:  Baritone. Lieutenant to Bernardo, proud and resentful of discrimination

INDIO, LUIS, JUANO: Baritones. Typicallyproud, and resentful of discrimination

The Sharks - Women

MARIA: Soprano. Beautiful, young, obedient immigrant Puerto Rican girl, excited and enthusiastic about her new life in America, but with stubborn inner strength

ANITA: Alto/Mezzo-Soprano. Early 20’s, wiser in the ways of the world, flashy, sharp-tongued, and with a knowing sexuality

ROSALIA: Mezzo-Soprano. Indio’s girlfriend. Young, demure, not too bright

CONSUELO: Mezzo-Soprano.  Pepe’s girlfriend. Tough, bleach blond hair and lots of baubles

FRANCISCA, TERESITA: Mezzo-Sopranos. Strong dancer/singers

The Adults

DOC: 50s-60s, drug store owner, tired and worn out. Non-singing role.

LT. SCHRANK: 40s-50s, plainclothes policeman used to being in charge, superficially pleasant to cover his venom, fear, and bigotry. Non-singing role.

OFFICER KRUPKE: 40s, A not-too-bright street cop.  Non-singing role.

GLADHAND: 40s, Nerdy, overly cheerful, ill-equipped social director at the local gym dance. Non-singing role.


A CHORUS LINE: conceived and originally directed/choreographed by Michael Bennett, book by James Kirkwood, music by Marvin Hamlisch and Nicholas Dante, lyrics by Edward Kleban

In addition to the following roles, we are also casting Tricia, Vicki, Lois, Frank, Butch, Roy and Tom - i.e. the opening number dancers/understudies/pit singers.  These individuals will also be double cast in West Side Story.

The women, most are in their 20’s.

CASSIE: Soprano. Early 30s; aging, but excellent dancer, soloist, strong singer/actress, sings “Music and the Mirror”.

DIANA: Alto.  Puerto Rican, energetic, humorous. sings “Nothing”

VAL: Alto/Belt.  "Perfect" figure, sexy with attitude, superficial, sings “Dance Ten…”

SHEILA: Alto. Over-confident, harsh but beautiful actress, sings “At the Ballet”

MAGGIE: Mezzo. A daydreamer, nonaggressive, likable ballerina.  Sings “At the Ballet”

BEBE: Alto. Jewish modern dancer, down to earth, lacks self-esteem, sings “At the Ballet”.

KRISTINE: Married to Al, very funny, can’t sing. Performs “Sing”

CONNIE: Alto. Very short, Asian. Bright, happy woman.

JUDY: Mezzo. Tall, nervous, scatterbrained, warm, hopeful.

The Men, most are in their 20’s.

ZACH: 30 – 45, director of show, former dancer, ex-lover of Cassie. Gruff, but has a soft side for dancers.

PAUL: Baritone. Puerto Rican, quiet, shy, introverted, gay. Strong actor needed.

MIKE: Tenor. Italian tap dancer, very straight bundle of energy.  Sings “I Can Do That”.

AL: Baritone. Married to Kristine, Aggressive yet humorous; very protective of his wife. Sings “Sing”.

RITCHIE: Tenor. High energy, proud, good natured black man. Solo during “Hello Twelve…”

BOBBY: Baritone. Flamboyant, extremely funny, clever.

MARK: Tenor. Optimistic newcomer, naive, charming, obsessed with sex.

GREG: Baritone. Handsome, gay, arrogant, overly confident.

DON: Baritone. The classic "all-American" man, straight, a jock.

LARRY: Tenor, 30s, Zach's assistant, authoritative.


Agatha Christie’s CARDS ON THE TABLE; a murder mystery

SUPERINTENDENT BATTLE – 50’s, intelligent, witty, man’s man, determined.

MRS. OLIVER – 50’s, eccentric, rather magnificent-looking lady with wild uncontrollable hair, has a passion for apples.  A woman who might put on two different shoes and not know it.

ANNE MEREDITH – mid 20’s, shy, timid, almost afraid to put one foot in front of the other, but when cornered can bite back viciously.  This role will be cast from our intern company.

MRS. LORRIMER – 60s, graceful, intelligent, very forthright and well mannered and expects to be treated in the same manner.

DR. ROBERTS – 40’S, charming, gregarious with impeccable taste and perfect bedside manner.

MAJOR DESPARD – mid 30’s, a dashing adventurer, with an eye for the ladies, but is also thoughtful and very careful before making any move.

SHAITANA- 50’s, Middle Eastern, not-unattractive, but oily, conniving, sneaky, you wouldn’t trust to sell you a used car.

RHODA DAWES – mid 20’s, a little naïve, charming, steadfast and a good friend of Anne’s.  This role will be cast from our intern company.

MISS BURGESS – 30’s, Dr. Roberts secretary, a touchy sort of lady but susceptible to flattery.

SERGEANT O’CONNOR – mid 20’s, bright, eager, a bit of a thespian.  This role will be cast from our intern company.

SERVANTS - These roles will be cast from our intern company.


THE KITCHEN WITCHES by Caroline Smith; a comedy

DOLLY BIDDLE – 50’s, the host of a low-budget, cable access cooking show.  A little cherub of a woman, always going at top speed. Indulges herself with anything life has to offer; her creative imagination know no bounds. Very proud of her son Stephen, and intensely hates Isobel Lomax.

STEPHEN BIDDLE – late 20s/30s, the producer of his mother’s cooking show.  Nervous, prematurely balding, decent, bright, shy.  Not a fighter. He’d rather be a lover, but no one has asked him yet.

ISOBEL LOMAX – 50’s, the host of her own cooking show.  Thinks Martha Stewart could learn from her.  Wants people to think she is classier than she is.  Bright, funny, articulate.


THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES  written and created by Roger Bean.  All female show, who age from 18 to 28 between acts.  All must be adept at singing in the 1950’s/60’s pop style.

CINDY LOU: Mezzo Soprano/Belt. The prettiest girl at Springfield High. Thinks she will be named Prom Queen and acts out when things don’t go her way. Learns the lessons of true love and loss. Sings lead line on most songs. Sings ‘Allegheny Moon’, ‘Son of a Preacher Man’, ‘Maybe’.

MISSY: Soprano. The over-achiever. Very controlled. Officer in most of the school’s clubs, in charge of the prom decorations and the organizer of the reunion. Sings are: ‘Secret Love’, ‘You Don’t Own Me’, ‘Wedding Bell Blues’.

BETTY JEAN: Alto with a strong low range. The class clown, always vying for attention. A tomboy with a strong low range. Sings ‘Lipstick on Your Collar’, ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, ‘It’s My Party’.

SUZY: Mezzo Alto. The happy-go-lucky one. Always smiling and giggling, nothing ever seems to bother her. Angry, crying, and confused in Act 2. Sings: ‘Stupid Cupid’, ‘Hold Me, Thrill Me’, ‘Rescue Me’.


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