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The purpose of Cortland Repertory Theatre is to offer Central New York residents and visitors of all ages an opportunity to experience, at an accessible price, the range and scope of excellent professional theatre.

CRT serves the region by providing a long term commitment to cultural enrichment and by endowing its community with a sense of pride and ownership.


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Audition requirements and character descriptions located at the bottom of this page.

In answer to "Do you accept video tape / online clip auditions?":  We do accept on-line submissions, but to be completely honest -- it is rare that we hire anyone from JUST a video clip.  Since most of our shows have relatively small casts (even our larger musicals) everyone is a vital part of our summer; consequently, the audition essentially turns into a face to face interview.   We prefer to get to know our actors (even in the brief time that we all have in the audition process) than just a recording can allow.  That said, you are welcome to email a clip for our reference if you like.


Where: Ripley Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue at 36th Street.


Monday, February 25 - APPOINTMENTS ONLY made thru Breakdowns Services/Actors Access/Agent submissions.  Actors who submit through these services but are not given an appointment are highly encouraged to attend our open calls.  We'd love to see everyone who submits for an appointment, but there are only so many hours in a day!

Tuesday, February 24 - OPEN CALL - Monologues only. Men and Women  10:00 - 5:00

Wednesday, February 25 - OPEN CALL - Musical Theatre/Monologues - MEN ONLY  10:00 - 5:00

(Women will be seen if time permits.  A sign up list for women will start at noon.)

Thursday February 26 - OPEN CALL -  Musical Theatre/Monologues - WOMEN ONLY  10:00 - 5:00

(Men will be seen if time permits.)

Note #1: All "Founding Father" roles for "1776" and ensemble dance roles for "The Addams Family" will be selected from these open calls.  Ensemble dancer candidates will be asked to attend a dance callback after singing first in these open calls.

Note #2:  If you are interested in being considered for both our plays and musicals, please attend the Musical Theatre audition days.  We will still be considering all actors for all shows (including the non-musicals) on these days.  There is no need to attend both the Monologue Only and Musical Theatre days in order to be considered for all our productions.

Callbacks will be held on Feb 27 and 28.


CRT will also attend






  • Primarily seeking non-union actors. All roles in all shows open.  Seeking a variety of types and ages, all nationalities.
  • Equity Guest Artist contracts may be available for the roles of John Adams and Ben Franklin in "1776", and Gomez and Morticia in "The Addams Family".  We encourage Equity members to submit through Breakdown Services/Actors Access if you are interested in being considered for these roles.
  • Paid internships are available for college students.  Due to the roles available (including "1776" and "The Addams Family"), interns must be experienced in and/or studying musical theatre.
  • Please bring a current, non-returnable photo and resume, with phone number and email address.
  • For the plays: Please prepare one 1 - 2 minute comedic monologue. Southern dialect required for "Always a Bridesmaid" and British dialects required for “Sherlock Holmes”. 
  • For the musicals: Please bring your own sheet music.  Pianist will be provided on the Musical Theatre audition days. Prepare your best 16 measures in an appropriate style of one of our show selections.  Be prepared to sing more if asked.
  • Auditionees may be asked to read from provided scripts, and may be asked to attend a dance callback for “The Addams Family”.
  • Note that CRT is particularly seeking adult men between the ages of 30 – 70 of all shapes and sizes who are excellent actors and singers for “1776” and women between the ages of 40 – 60 who are excellent comedic actresses for “Always a Bridesmaid”.


ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID: All female roles.

KARI AMES-BISSETT:  This role has been cast.

LIBBY RUTH AMES: 40’s, hopeless romantic, sweet country woman, plain-spoken and guileless.  Think Reba McEntire.

SEDALIA ELLICOTT: 50’s-60’s, a gregarious, energetic, Virginia hostess and life-force.  Think Bea Arthur in her "Maude" days.

MONETTE GENTRY: 40’s, kinda flashy, kinda trashy, Southern-to-the-bone flirt.  Think Delta Burke on "Designing Women".

CHARLIE COLLINS: 40’s tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, acerbic Southern free spirit.  Think a Southern Kathy Najimy or Rosie O'Donnell.

DEEDRA WINGATE: 40’s headstrong with a dry wit, no-nonsense Northern transplant.  Think a Southern Allison Janey.



JOHN ADAMS: 30s-40s tenor, passionate about his beliefs and his wife, commanding but “obnoxious and disliked”. Powerhouse, demanding role.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: 60s-70s, character singer; witty, playful, insightful.

ABIGAIL ADAMS: 30s, mezzo-soprano, warm, understanding; dignified, gentle.

RICHARD HENRY LEE: 30s, bari-tenor; Virginia aristocrat; ambling, gregarious buffoon, energetic, charming, overbearing. Sings "The Lees of Old Virginia"

EDWARD RUTLEDGE: 20s, bari-tenor, handsome, Deep South aristocratic, a “dandy”, but a force of fury when pushed.  Sings "Molasses to Rum"

THOMAS JEFFERSON: 20s-30s, bari-tenor; very tall, soft-spoken, contemplative, quiet exterior, pensive, intelligent.

MARTHA JEFFERSON: 20s, soprano, lovely, maidenly, playful with a little bit of a vixen in her. Sings "He Plays the Violin"

JOHN DICKINSON: 30s-40s; stylish man of property, fiercely articulate, strong debator.  Sings "Cool Cool Conservative Men"

JOHN HANCOCK:  30s; caustic, intelligent but bored with Congress and their arguing.

COURIER:  late teens/20s; war-worn young messenger. thin, pale. Sings "Mama Look Sharp".

SUPPORTING MALE ROLES between the ages of 30 – 70; strong character actors/singers of all shapes and sizes including: Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Stephen Hopkins, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Lewis Morris, Rev. John Witherspoon, James Wilson, Caesar Rodney, Col. Thomas McKean, George Read, Samuel Chase, Joseph Hewes, Dr. Lyman Hall, Charles Thomson, McNair and the Leather Apron.



GOMEZ: Tenor; passionate, proud patriarch of Spanish descent. Theatrical sense of humor. Deeply devoted to his family.  Smart, commanding comedic actor.

MORTICIA: Alto/Mezzo soprano; strong dancer/mover. TALL, sexy, leggy, an easy comedic actress with an extra dry wit.

UNCLE FESTER:  Tenor; Vaudeville style comedian, larger than life, energetic, joyous, child-like.

WEDNESDAY:  Strong pop belt; attractive, dry wit; feeling all the drama of a first time love.

GRANDMAMA: Character vocals, strong comedic actress;  a feisty 102 year old woman. Fun and quirky, but with an edge.

PUGSLEY: Strong, high vocals – plays a 12 years old. A charming, funny, husky boy.

LURCH: Low bass to Eb - VERY tall male character, speaks in moans and groans but has a burst of song.

MAL BEINEKE: High Bari/tenor. Stuffy father of Lucas, and exasperated husband of Alice.

ALICE BEINEKE:  Soprano/Belt. Strong comedic actress, devoted mother of Lucas, rhyming wife of Mal.

LUCAS BEINEKE: Pop tenor vocals; attractive, in shape young man. Feels all the confusion and drama of falling in love for the first time.

ENSEMBLE/ ANCESTORS: Strong singer/dancers with a fun, quirky sensibility. Knowledge of tango and flamenco dancing a plus.



SHERLOCK HOLMES: handsome, dashing, masculine enigmatic. Strong physical actor.

DR. WATSON: Character actor, a bit of a “dandy”. Enjoying his own popularity as an author.

SIX MALE "PLAYERS":  actors (all male) who play multiple roles including Inspector Lestrade, George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker, Mrs. Hudson, Oscar Wilde, Gilbert and Sullivan, Miss Jessie Rutland, and many others…



CLARA NOWAK: 60’s. Born in Poland, brought to USA as a child, raised in an all-Polish neighborhood.  Very little schooling.  A charmingly naïve Old World peasant air about her.

BEVERLY NOWAK: late 30’s, older daughter, “on the go”, impatient, blue-collar, somewhat smart.

RUTH NOWAK: mid 30’s; younger daughter, gangly, awkward, but a positive energy. A playwright.

JIMMY NOWAK: early 30s; the son, blue-collar, casual, everyday kind of guy.


SUDS  All actors must be strong singers in the 1960’s “squeaky clean” pop-style. Songs include "Our Day Will Come", "Where the Boys Are", "Wishing and Hoping", "I Will Follow Him", etc.

CINDY: early 20’s, sweet, personable, somewhat gawky, innocent.

MARGE: 20’s-30’s; a tough cookie, larger than life, brassy, sharp tongue with a heart of gold. Flashy dresser.

DEE DEE: 20s-30s; eternal optimist, perky, slightly manic. Big hair, pointy 60’s bra, very put-together.

MR. POSTMAN / MRS. HALO / JOHNNY ANGEL, ET AL: 20’s: Male, versatile, good-looking comedic actor, portrays 6 characters, everything from a Washer Repairman to a Midwestern Housewife to Mr. Right.


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